“Mike and Mike” to end 15-year-run on Kiss 94.5 this Friday

Mike Dow carries an armload of food at Mike and Mike’s 2009 Manna Food Drive.

After 15 years and countless hours on-air and spent helping the community, Mike Elliott and Mike Dow of “The Mike and Mike Show” on Kiss 94.5 FM are bringing their show to a close this Friday.

“We had been talking for a while about how we’d eventually want to end it, because you can’t do something forever,” said Mike Dow. “We both agreed we wanted to leave while we were still having fun, and of our own accord, as opposed to stinking up the joint.”

Starting Monday, Mike Dow will be on 104.3 FM WABK out of Bangor, and starting Dec. 31, Dow will also be on Big 104.7 FM WBAK in Bangor and 107.7 FM in Bar Harbor. Elliott will be on in the mornings on 97.1 FM WBFB, The Bear, as well as on country stations in Rockland and Ellsworth.

“Between the two of us, we’ll be on six radio stations,” said Elliott. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Both broadcasters want to make two things abundantly clear, however: they are still close friends, and they will still do the Manna Food Drive in November.

“We’re still going to hang out off air, and probably more now that he won’t be seeing me all the time,” said Dow. “And the food drive will always happen, and we’ll be involved in it, although Manna will take a larger role now. We’ve been doing it for 14 years, and we’re not going to stop now.”

Dow and Elliott were touched to see the flood of well-wishers on Facebook as they made their announcement.

“We had over 400 posts and messages,” said Dow. “It’s really heartwarming to see that. In the end, it’s really just that we wanted to broaden our horizons and try something new. Nothing more than that. It’s always nice to go out while people still like you.”

Emily Burnham

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