For the Pokemon tourist, a Google map of Pokestops around Maine

Thinking about going out on the town to hunt Pokemon? Need some help finding out where the Pokestops are in your neck of the woods? Look no further than this handy map, which offers some of the many Pokestops and gyms to be found all over the state. It’s editable, too, so if you have Pokestops you know about that aren’t on here, by all means, add them. Happy hunting!

Emily Burnham

About Emily Burnham

Emily Burnham is a Maine native, UMaine graduate, proud Bangorian and a writer for the Bangor Daily News, where she's worked since 2004. She reports on everything from local bands to local food to all the cool things going on in the Greater Bangor area. In her quest for stories, she's seen countless concerts and plays, been lobster fishing, interviewed celebrities, hung out with water buffalo and played in a ukulele orchestra. She's interested in everything that happens in Maine.