17 times we fell in love with Stephen King’s corgi, Molly, aka The Thing of Evil

Stephen King: master of horror, internationally beloved novelist, proud resident of Bangor, Maine, and dog lover.

Yes, dog lover. If you’ve paid attention to Sai King’s social media accounts over the past two years, you’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of Molly — a.k.a., The Thing of Evil, Stephen and Tabitha’s two-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Molly has been a favorite subject of King’s Twitter posts since the family adopted her in late 2014.

It is fitting that no matter how cute and fluffy the King’s doggo might be, however, evil lurks in her little heart. How do they know that their corgi — the dog breed that may, in fact, rule the Internet — is evil? Well, King has captured photographic evidence and shared it on Twitter for all to see.

It all started in December 2014, when Molly was just a pup, and King perhaps wasn’t aware of the full extent of her evil-ness.

Now, of course, she’s a grown dog… that’s always up to no good.

She likes to typical dog things, like play tug of war with her Uncle McMurtry, the corgi that belongs to King’s son and fellow novelist, Joe Hill…

… avoid getting exercise at all costs, unless napping constitutes exercise…

… and, perhaps most tellingly, she’s on more than one occasion destroyed things around the King household.

This has resulted in Molly being jailed for her evil-i-tude.

Oh, she might look like she’s innocent enough. I mean, look at how cozy that little pup is! How could such a thing be capable of such unmitigated evil?

Don’t be fooled — she’s a merciless predator.

Friends of the Kings try to placate Molly with gifts, but it is to no avail. She cares not for such trivialities. There’s one thing on her mind: EVIL.

In fact, Molly likes to rub her evil-ness in all our faces. EVIL!

L’il old me?

Being evil is exhausting.

Especially when people are out to get you.

She’s tried to make her escape to further spread evil across the land, though I don’t think she got too far. Lack of opposable thumbs and all.

Be careful, little doggie. Mr. King is wise to your ways.

Emily Burnham

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