The first trailer for the new “IT” movie just dropped, and it’s terrifying

While Stephen King fans are eagerly awaiting a trailer, a clip, photos, ANYTHING from the upcoming film version of “The Dark Tower,” due out July 28, they got a good, scary jump this afternoon, as the first teaser trailer just dropped for the other big King movie coming out this year — the new adaptation of his classic novel “IT.”

There’s a lot to unpack here. First, despite the film not shooting in Bangor, it does look like Bangor, doesn’t it? The streets, the trees, the scary abandoned house that kind of looks like King’s Bangor house? I’m glad the the filmmakers came here to at least research what Bangor — the model for Derry — actually looks like.

Secondly, those kids all look pretty darn perfect as the Losers’ Club — including Finn Wolfhard as Richie, who was recently seen as one of the main kid protagonists in “Stranger Things.”

And thirdly… Pennywise. Oh, Pennywise. Far be it from we here at the BDN to bring up the clown terror of 2016 again, but that is one scary clown. I jumped when I saw it. Did you?

Part one of “IT” comes out on Sept. 8. Part two will come out sometime in 2018.

We all float down here…

Emily Burnham

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