Eight holiday gifts for the Stephen King fanatic in your life

It can really be a challenge to find the right holiday gift for the right person. But if that person is a Stephen King fan, we just made it 100 percent easier for you, with this list of Stephen King-centric gifts and other items for the King lover in your life. After all, we’re here in Bangor — a.k.a. Derry — and we know this stuff pretty well. In fact, we’ve got some exclusively Bangor-made stuff that you can’t find just anywhere, as well as some other goodies sure to please even the hardest-to-please King fan.

The best Stephen King gifts are books, naturally, but for the fanatic that’s got everything, here are some extra special goodies for the giving.

Stephen King Pop Vinyl by Funko

Funko makes adorable big-headed figurines out of just about every pop cultural, sports or historic icon you can imagine, including tons of King figurines. There are four different Pennywise ones available, including obviously totally harmless smiling Pennywisedefinitely not harmless at all Pennywise, a Walmart exclusive Pennywise with long flowing locks, and, of course, retro Tim Curry Pennywise. There are also figurines of Carrie, Danny Torrance, Wendy Torrance, the Gunslinger, the Man in Black, and Jack Torrance, both frozen and unfrozen. Available online in all sorts of places, including ThinkGeek.com, ToyWiz.com, and Amazon.

Overlook Hotel keychains

You can let fellow Constant Readers know you’re a fan in a low key kind of way (pun intended) with these cool, retro-looking keychains inspired by various locations in King’s novels. Places like the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining,” Room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel in New York, and a keychain from Darnell’s Auto Repair from “Christine.” Speaking of “Christine,” how about this fun replica of the famed 1958 Plymouth Fury from both the book and the movie?

Vote Pennywise shirts and signs

Seeing as Pennywise lives in Bangor’s sewers and abandoned houses — excuse me, DERRY’s sewers and abandoned houses — we’d like to think we have a close, personal relationship with the guy. So last year, during election season, when “Vote Pennywise” signs appeared around town next to other campaign signs, no one batted an eye. You can buy one of those signs through Bangor’s own Gerald Winters and Son, as well as t-shirts printed with the slogan. Limited quantities available for the sign. You’ll vote too…

BDN King photo prints

We’ve been covering Stephen King for decades — and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Did you know you can have any of our BDN photos printed for a small fee? Sure can. If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind King piece to gift, try something from one of our talented BDN photographers. Like this, from 1982:

Or this:

Or this, for something a little more holiday-centric:

To order, visit store.bangordailynews.com and go from there. Also, be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a limited edition fine art print of Stephen King’s iconic “Study Dammit!” poster, made during his years writing for the University of Maine’s Maine Campus newspaper. The poster has been out of print for a few years, but Gerald Winters and Son has commissioned new prints of it that should be arriving just in time for the holidays. Check its website and Facebook for more information.

Photo by Rick Haney/courtesy Ghosts of Bangor

Bangor-centric Stephen King gifts

If you want to feel the Derry pride, regardless of whether you’re from Bangor, from Maine, or are just a fan, there are some cool local gifts out there to bring out the Pennywise in you. The annual Ghosts of Bangor calendar is currently available to buy, as is a “Greetings From Derry” calendar, and Ghosts of Bangor’s Freese’s Department Store t-shirt, inspired by the “IT” movie but based on a real place. For something a little more subtle, try these handmade wooden Bangor necklaces, sold at The Rock & Art Shop in Bangor.

Special Stephen King books

Though we’ve tried to focus more on items rather than books — since books are the obvious Stephen King gifts to give — there are a few fun King publications out there out there that might be of interest to fans.

Back in September, Entertainment Weekly published a collector’s edition issue all about Stephen King and the movies based on his works. It’s still available on Amazon for just 12 bucks. Also available is “Charlie the Choo Choo,” a “children’s” book written by some lady named Beryl Evans, with a storyline that just might be familiar to fans of the “Dark Tower” series. And finally, last year the University of Maine Press published “Hearts in Suspension,” a lovingly compiled exploration of King’s years at UMaine. It’s available through the UMaine website. 

The SK Tours van/BDN file photo

Book an SK Tour

If you really want to splurge on that special King fan, we suggest going all out and reserving an SK Tour right here in Bangor. Ultimate King expert Stu Tinker leads fans on a tour of Bangor, showcasing all the spots that inspired King in his various books set in Derry. SK Tours is closed for about six weeks between Jan. 15 and Feb. 28, but starts booking daily tours again beginning March 1. Reservations start at $45.

BDN file photo by Nick Sambides

Live down the street from Stephen King

For a paltry couple hundred grand, you could buy the ultimate Stephen King gift — a house down the street from the man himself. Right now there are three homes up for sale on West Broadway in Bangor, the street the Kings have lived on for nearly 40 years. There’s this pale yellow beauty, priced at $675,000, and this 1892 “cottage,” also priced at $675,000. For a more “affordable” house, there’s also this 3,600-square-footer, available for $375k. Just how much of a fan are you, huh?

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